We always say that having a great deck attached to your home is like having an extension of a hardwood floor that stretches into your yard. They look great, offer a ton of space for relaxing, and give you a spot to throw a party or hold a BBQ, but they also need to be cared for. If you don’t add in a little TLC, then yours is going to start breaking down. Here are 3 quick tips for deck maintenance from Canada’s Gardenland. Follow these and your deck will stay happy.

Clean it off regularly

Cleaning your deck is the most important deck maintenance tip. We don’t just mean doing it for aesthetic purposes, though. Sure, having a clean surface makes it looks neat and tidy, but cleaning is as much about structural issues as it is visual. If it snows, then clean it immediately to avoid extra weight being put on the boards. During the spring, clean all of the rubbish off to avoid stains.

Conduct the water test

Most homeowners know that they should stain their decks regularly to avoid wear and tear. The problem is that most don’t do it often enough. If your deck is heavily used or is directly in the sun, then you need to stain it more regularly than usual. Your best bet is to slap a coat of stain on it in the springtime before the heavy summer traffic. To find out if it needs one, conduct the water test. Sprinkle some water on the boards and see if it is absorbed. If it sinks into the wood, you need to get to staining. If it beads up, you can wait awhile.

Fix popped nails

Wood warps naturally and there isn’t much you can do about it. Even with all of the stain and sealant in the world, a popped nail will happen from time to time. A good maintenance tip for your deck is to fix popped nails immediately by using the pry bar section of your hammer to pull it out. You can then replace it with a similar sized nail and use a screw to hold it in place.

Canada’s Gardenland provides the highest-quality decks for homes in Toronto, and we want yours to stay as healthy as possible over the years. Use these 3 quick deck maintenance tips to keep yours healthier longer. In the market for a brand new deck? Contact us today to see how we can improve your home and yard!