Landscaping Design Ideas: Plants

Landscaping design is integral to increasing your home’s curb appeal and adding to its value. It’s also a great way to turn your yard into a lush, natural spot to relax and entertain in. Here’s some things to think about when planning your initial design.

Make Your Plants Thrive

Flowers and plants are a great way to add colour, texture and dynamism to any yard. When people walk by your front yard and turn their heads it’s because you’ve made some excellent decisions – like calling Canada’s Gardenland to help you:

  • Put the right plants in the right place (according to how much light and how much space they need)
  • Add plants that can withstand attack by insects and diseases
  • Allow the plants to produce healthy root systems and steady their top growth

Plants can also be used to edge around stone-work and paths or to even add a dimension to a fence.


  • Choose plants with low and compact growth to plant along pathways. Avoid sharp or spikey plants. This will ensure that it won’t affect a walk on your path – as longer, thicker plants can restrict visibility or even cause tripping.
  • Short plants, like fountain grasses such as blue fescue (Festuca glauca) or lamb’s ear (Stachys Byzantina) are great choices.
  • Plants that are resistant to heat are also important factors to consider as pathways can get really hot from direct contact with the sun.
  • Do you share a chain-link fence with a neighbour? Planting foliage along your fence is a great way to enhance the look of it and increase a sense of privacy in your yard.

Some foliage you can plant includes:

  • Flowers like Climbing Hydrangeas, Black-eyed Susan Vines, Passion Flowers or Morning Glory as examples
  • Evergreen foliage like Persian Ivy, English Ivy, Boston Ivy or Creeping Fig
  • Non-ever green foliage like Variegated Porcelain Fine, Virginia Creeper, Silver Fleece Vine, Purple Leaved Grape

At Canada’s Gardenland, we want to help you make your landscaping vision for your yard a reality. Take a look at our gallery and contact us today!