With summer just around the corner, now is the time to take proper care of your garden so you can enjoy it for the rest of the season. Not caring for your lawn results in a crunchy straw-like texture that makes walking barefoot quite unpleasant. Summer heat does its fair share of damage to your lawn, but there are some easy steps you can take to minimize the damage and keep your grass looking luscious.

From the experts at Canada’s Gardenland, here are the best ways to care for your lawn this summer:

Adjust Your Mowing Height

Although your dream may be to attain a lawn similar to a putting green, keeping your lawn extremely short is doing more damage than you think. By adjusting your blade height to be around three inches, your lawn will benefit from increased moisture levels. This is because increased grass height provides more shade for the soil, reducing the effects of the sun. While you are raising the blade, you should also consider checking the sharpness. A dull blade tears grass and leaves jagged edges. Replace the blade, or get it sharpened, after approximately ten hours of mowing—or every two months.

Leave the Clippings

Take the bag off your lawnmower and gain the fertilization benefits of grass clippings. They provide important nutrients for the soil, such as nitrogen and potassium, without using chemicals. This is a great  natural alternative to many store-bought lawn fertilizers. Just make sure to adhere to a few guidelines:

  • Regular mowing: When your grass becomes too long, leaving the clippings is not only unsightly but blocks the amount of light reaching the grass, reducing growth.
  • Don’t mow after it has rained: Wet clippings left on your lawn will start to smell like compost, and if the weather doesn’t improve, will keep moisture levels too high.

Introduce Regular Watering

The best way to keep your grass green during the summer is with regular watering. Check with your local district’s summer watering guidelines to be sure you are following the rules, as many cities impose restrictions to avoid a drought. Watering for longer periods of time less frequently encourages the formation of drought-tolerant roots. Essentially, this means that your lawn is less sensitive to changes in water supply and makes it more weather resistant overall. The key to watering is consistency. Trying to revive already-brown grass will not have much effect, as it will only fully recuperate after the winter. By regularly watering your grass, you will prevent this from happening and keep your lawn looking healthy.

Protect High-Traffic Areas

With the heat already imposing its damage, the last thing your lawn needs is extra wear and tear on high traffic areas. Because of the lower moisture content, grass is even more sensitive to damage that causes it to shift its roots. Consider installing a pathway or stepping stones on a route you use frequently. Both options give you the functional benefit of protecting your grass, but also provide aesthetic appeal if carefully planned. Contact a landscaping expert to assess your area, and they will give you the best option for your backyard.
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