Kids used to love playing outside. Now, with social media technology, video games, and infinite access to movies and media, indoor screen time can be all-consuming.

Gardening is fun, active, and a perfect way to encourage your kids to get outdoors!

Here are 5 gardening project ideas to get your kids kicking leaves and climbing trees this fall:

Plant Spring Bulbs

Planting bulbs that will flower in the spring, like iris, hyacinth, and tulips, will not only educate kids about flowers, but encourage them to track the flowers’ progress.

During winter, when the garden is covered in puffy white snow, they can dream about the vibrant blues, purples, and yellows that will erupt come spring.

Tip: Kids can paint pictures of the flowers onto stones and place them beside each bulb. This way, they will remember where the flowers were planted in the spring.

Press Leaves and Flowers

As a kid, nothing is more satisfying than finding that perfect bright red maple leaf. The best part about pressing leaves? The colour never fades.
Snip the leaves close to the base of the stem, and be sure the leaf is dry. Find a heavy book and gently place the leaf face down in the middle. Shut the pages and let it sit for one week.

All you need is a heavy book and a curious kid to create these beautiful mementos.

Make Festive Vases

Put your fall produce to use with this fun craft. Cut off the tops of squashes or pumpkins and scoop out the centre to create a unique vase. Make sure your veggie-vase has a flat bottom and can hold enough water to feed flowers.

Pumpkins, generally, work best with flowers with shorter stems.

The best part—picking the perfect flower arrangement to match your funky vase.

Make a Halloween-Themed Scarecrow

With Halloween around the corner, kids can take this classic fall activity to a new level. Find inexpensive costumes at second-hand stores and use hay, dried grass or leaves to stuff the scarecrow. Use old pool noodles for the arms and legs and paint and buttons to decorate the face.

Tip: Scarecrows do not necessarily have to be human. Dogs, cats, birds and horses make for great scarecrow garden creatures.

Use Herbs for Aromatherapy

Lavender has proven to help with anxiety and improve sleep. And it smells magical. Herbs like rosemary, eucalyptus, and thyme also give off a pleasant scent. Leave them out to dry for a few days before tying them up in a small burlap sack or cheesecloth. Put them in your kids’ sock drawers or under their pillows—they will be sure to have a fitful sleep.

Fall is a special time of year filled with colour and change. Through these gardening projects, take the opportunity to teach your kids about their surrounding environment. Enjoy the fresh air!