Your toddler is bouncing around with energy and you don’t know how else to entertain them. Being outdoors is a great remedy for children, as it naturally leaves them in a calmer state and helps to get rid of extra energy. Now that the snow has thawed, spring is an excellent time to take advantage of the great outdoors and show your child the benefits of getting some fresh air.

Encourage them to Spend Time Outside

This first step is essential in your child’s enjoyment in their own backyard. By taking them to outdoor festivals and botanical gardens at a young age, you will show them all of the beauty that nature has to offer. Making the conscious decision to spend time outdoors will pre-condition your child to appreciate nature, with studies showing that repeated exposure leads to increased creativity and enhanced social skills.

Get Some Garden Accessories

Kids love toys. Take advantage of this by purchasing some kid’s sized garden accessories so your little one can help the next time you’re gardening. Many home and garden stores offer miniature rakes, brooms, shovels, and watering cans made of plastic so there will certainly be something they can enjoy while being safe. If you don’t want to buy new equipment, consider making DIY tools with your child, such as converting a milk jug into a watering can. If you want a hassle-free solution, let them use smaller “adult” tools that aren’t sharp or dangerous, such as the dustpan or a small garden shovel.

Read About Gardening

There are many children’s books that discuss gardening in a fun and engaging way. Chances are that your child will want to do everything the book’s characters do, so you’re sure to gain their interest and a new little helper. Books will range in age level from in-depth plant knowledge to stories that showcase how plants grow. By first reading about gardening, children will naturally become curious and want to start gardening themselves. Now, spending time outside while gardening is seen as a choice, rather than an activity planned for them.

Let Them Choose the Plants

Another way to generate interest for your child is to let them choose what to plant. By directly involving them in the process, they are much more likely to see the project through. Help guide their choices by opting for easy-to-grow varieties that will sprout quickly. Some popular options include:

  • Marigolds: With gorgeous yellow and orange flowers, these plants are tough enough to sustain some rough handling.
  • Lemon Balm: This plant is part of the mint family and smells absolutely delicious.
  • Strawberries: What better way to entice your child to garden than with a sweet treat as a reward?
  • Sunflowers: These sunny plants will start growing after a week and make for some pretty amazing pictures.

If you have enough space, dedicate a small patch of the garden for your child so they can work independently and show off their results to you when things start to grow.

Make Garden Crafts

If the weather isn’t great outside, try making some crafts indoors for your garden. A popular, long-term project consists of creating a bird or fairy house that will eventually be placed in the child’s garden section. Let your child use their imagination and include natural elements from outside, such as pine cones, moss, leaves, and pebbles. Another option is to make colourful paper pinwheels for a windy day. Instructions for these crafts are found online and supplies can be purchased at a local arts and crafts store.
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