Why Interlocking Stone is a Great Choice for Your Landscaping

Have you ever driven by a home that is surrounded by beautiful arrangements of flowers and plants, a lush lawn, and beautiful stone textures? Using interlocking stone for your patio, walkway or driveway is a great way to frame your garden arrangements and have it all come together. The Benefits of Interlocking Stone: Durability Aside [...]

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Spring Gardening with Canada’s Gardenland

Spring is coming – even if it sometimes it feels like it’s taking some time to show itself. The snow will melt, the rain will come, and beautiful flowers will be in bloom. It is the perfect time to think about gardening as the weather transitions into a more pleasant time to be outdoors. Maybe [...]

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Spring: The Perfect Time to Think About Sod

As springtime is on its way (yes, it really is, I promise!) we at Canada’s Gardenland are getting excited about sod. Yes, you read that right: sod. Most of us want an amazing, lush green lawn, but not many people know the right way to go about creating the dream. The trick lies in treating [...]

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Flagstones: The Perfect Addition to Your Yard

Flagstones have been used in indoor and outdoor landscaping all over the world for a very long time. What Are Flagstones? Flagstones are a type of stone that occurs naturally, which come in many different colours.  They are also thin and mostly flat, but can come in big, wide swaths, which is why they get [...]

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Why Professional Snow Removal Might Be the Way to Go This Winter

Winter in Canada is always a surprise in one way or another.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here; winter catches us all unaware at one point or another.  And recovering from Winter’s sudden arrival can be disorienting, inconvenient, and downright backbreaking! So this year, consider getting professional help with your snow removal and [...]

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How Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Property

Few things can make your house look better or add more overall value to your property than great landscaping. When done right, it can turn your home into a beautiful work of art. The aesthetic beauty in a choreographed theme coming to life around your property is worth the price alone, but when you find [...]

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