Periods of change are always exciting and full of inspiration.  It is easy to see the first hints of orange and red in your garden foliage and think, “Well, there’s always next year!”  But this season is ideal for small and large-scale landscaping projects.  As the flowers give way to brilliant sunset hues, your space is opened up for bushes and trees to make their grand entrance.  Whatever your vision for your home and outdoor space, Canada’s Gardenland is here to help.  Here are some ideas to get your imagination flowing this autumn:

Make Use of Your Space

Spring and summer are subtler seasons, where tiny blossoms and soft pallets of pastel and pink can flourish against the strong background of universal green.  Autumn demands more out of less, but you are up to the task.  Consider the Japanese Maple: nothing on Earth can shine redder, and even when those fiery leaves are finally shed, the stark black bark remains a powerful centre piece to any yard or garden.  If you want to plan your garden around your trees, then you have no better option this fall.

But if you have limited space—or an old oak or two—there are plenty of colourful choices to be made with various smaller plants.  Never underestimate a bush or shrub!  Especially in urban gardens, a few dwarf shrubs (like the luminous Diabolo Ninebark) can truly open up your space.  Crowding and layering might seem counterintuitive, but this style uses a concept from the world of photography to make the most of narrow city gardens.  Depth of field is the idea that obscuring part of the foreground can bring what’s behind it into hyper-focus.  Another benefit of having smaller plants in your line of sight is that it forces the viewer to wander through the space to gain full vantage.  There is much to be said for sitting on a porch with coffee and gazing out at your open lawn before you.  But wouldn’t it be lovely if the space itself called to you?

Path Design

Whether you opt for interlocking or flagstones, our expert landscapers can help design the ideal path or steps for your space and garden.  A garden path is not simply a way to walk to avoid the mud.  A wider path or mid-yard patio area can invite you and your guests to sit in the sun, while a winding way around the edges and hedges is the perfect way to get a robust start to your morning.  Walk to the end of your garden and turn back around towards the house: have you ever looked from this perspective before?  The art of landscaping is the art of transforming spaces.  As the seasons change and your view naturally evolves from lush greenery to vibrant, fiery reds, there is no better time to consider a landscaping project.

For any questions about our landscaping services, or any other service we offer, contact us at Canada’s Gardenland.