Top Pet-Friendly Landscaping Tips

  Your furry friend is part of the family. They’re there for you when you need them most and make you laugh every time you step through the door—except when they’ve destroyed your yard. Your pets love to roam around in your garden during the warm summer months, but they somehow don’t understand your preferred [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Xeriscaping

  Xeriscaping has gotten quite a lot of recognition in the world of horticulture lately. This method of landscaping and agriculture aims to optimize a landscape and reduce the need for irrigation. That being said, it’s not all cactuses and rock gardens. By using plants that are native to a landscape’s natural environment, the need [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal in Winter

Winter can make your lawn look a little sad. With bare trees, little natural colour, and snow-covered ground, it’s easy for your home’s curb appeal to dwindle. At Canada’s Gardenland, we believe your lawn can look just as fabulous in the wintertime as it does in the summer. Here are a few ways to boost [...]

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Creative Ways to Use Your Deck this Winter

A little snow shouldn’t stop you from spending time on your deck this winter. Decks are a wonderful and useful outdoor space that are neglected all too often during the winter months. Get the most out of your deck this winter with a few creative ideas from the team at Canada’s Gardenland: Bring on the [...]

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Signs Your Deck is in Need of Repair

  A deck is a place where special memories are made. It’s a place for dinner parties, barbeques, and relaxing family time. With winter approaching fast, it’s important to ensure your deck is healthy and ready to withstand the cold weather. Here are a few signs that your deck might be in need of a [...]

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7 Creative Ways to Use Your Dead Autumn Leaves

Fallen leaves can be a nuisance: they clog up gutters, kill your grass, and give your yard an “unkempt” feel. Instead of tossing your leaves this fall, there are other ways you can use them in your garden. Here are seven creative ideas for recycling those red, orange, and yellow beauties scattered across your lawn: [...]

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Brilliant Fall Landscaping Ideas

Periods of change are always exciting and full of inspiration.  It is easy to see the first hints of orange and red in your garden foliage and think, “Well, there’s always next year!”  But this season is ideal for small and large-scale landscaping projects.  As the flowers give way to brilliant sunset hues, your space [...]

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Tips for Growing a Drought-Resistant Garden

Nothing ruins the look and feel of a garden like a dry spring or summer. Even a few weeks without significant rainfall can dry and wilt the plants in your garden. Luckily, with the right preparation and maintenance, you can ensure a lush, green garden no matter the weather. Here are a few tips and [...]

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Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Your backyard is probably one of the central hubs of your home, especially if you have kids. Having a kid-friendly backyard is a great way to encourage you children to play and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home home. Some homeowners have trouble balancing a well-crafted aesthetic with the practical needs of [...]

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