The Magical Plant You Didn’t Know About

Believed to have been invented by a friend of the Roman Emperor Augustus, topiary plants have become a popular choice of accents for large properties. The shaping and pruning of trees brings life and creativity to the wildness. The art of topiary, or tree masonry, was frequently practiced in England and the Netherlands during the [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Installing a Pool

  Every time we experience a heat wave, we think to ourselves: why haven’t I installed a pool? Although we love to complain about cool temperatures in the winter, the summer sun is sometimes a bit too much to handle. Here are the top five reasons you should install a pool, courtesy of the experts [...]

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Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

  Summer is fast approaching, and that means that pool season is as well. A backyard pool is a great centrepiece for all of your summer entertaining. Kids will have endless fun that keeps them entertained for hours, while parents can enjoy some BBQ and drinks with friends and family. Keeping your pool well-maintained ensures [...]

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The Best Water Conservation Tips for Your Garden

It’s hard to imagine in the midst of spring showers that summer is fast approaching. Though you may love the hot temperatures, they often wreak havoc on your garden. Conserving water will give you more time to enjoy the summer activities you love, while helping the environment. Learn from the professionals at Canada’s Gardenland on [...]

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Top 10 Plants to Grow Along Your Canada’s Gardenland Fence

April is in full swing, which means that it’s about time you start planning your garden for the upcoming growing season. Have you just installed your Canada's Gardenland fence? Are you reimagining your existing layout with a whole new garden design? If so, check out these 10 fence-happy plants that will transform your backyard this [...]

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How to Prep Your Yard for Spring

How to Prep Your Yard for Spring It’s time to start planning for the arrival of the much-anticipated spring—and begin preparing your yard for all those barbecues you have lined up this year! You’ve made some resolutions about getting those outdoor tasks done and are looking forward to spending some quality time with your friends [...]

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What Is Sod?

Is there one lawn in your neighbourhood notorious for having lush, green, and perfect-looking grass? Chances are, it’s sod. All homeowners want their properties to look this beautiful. From the landscaping experts at Canada’s Gardenland, here’s everything you need to know about sod: What Is it? Sod, also known as “turf,” is a section of [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal in Winter

Winter can make your lawn look a little sad. With bare trees, little natural colour, and snow-covered ground, it’s easy for your home’s curb appeal to dwindle. At Canada’s Gardenland, we believe your lawn can look just as fabulous in the wintertime as it does in the summer. Here are a few ways to boost [...]

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Creative Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

With the holiday season just around the corner, Christmas tree vendors are popping up in nearly every parking lot. Choosing the perfect Christmas tree is a magical and memorable experience, for children and adults alike. Sadly, once the holiday season is over, Christmas trees are often tossed to the curb. This year, we suggest doing [...]

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