Summer is the perfect time to stretch your green thumb and tend to your backyard. Keeping plants looking and feeling as healthy as possible can be a challenge but with careful planning and attention, your garden will be lush and green in no time. If you’re a first-time gardener, there are a few things you should know before your start planting. Here are some important tips to help you grow the best garden possible this summer.

Plant for Your Lifestyle

When deciding which plants and flowers to grow in your yard, it’s important to make some practical considerations. If you have a busy job or hectic lifestyle that keeps you out of the house, it’s a good idea to invest in hardy plants that can go without water if you’re not around for a few days. If there isn’t much shade in your garden area, choose plants and flowers that thrive in direct sunlight. Note what plants naturally grow in your area—that will give you an idea of what plants and flowers will survive well in your garden. Your garden will be much easier to maintain if the plants you choose can adapt to your lifestyle and environmental conditions.

Visual Appeal

Once you think about the practical considerations of your garden, it’s important to start thinking about the visual aspects. Think about the décor of your backyard—the fencing, decking and exterior of your home can all influence the type of plants and flowers you’ll want to include in your garden. Choose plants and flowers that match the colour scheme and design concept of your backyard. For instance, a smaller and more uniform garden works well with a modern, minimalist deck, whereas a wilder and more colourful garden adds a rustic charm to traditional wood fencing.

Every garden is unique. All of those practical and aesthetic considerations may seem overwhelming for first time gardeners but with proper planning, it can be easy and exciting process. If you need help designing the best garden for your home and lifestyle, contact us at Canada’s Gardenland for professional and personalized landscaping advice and services.