With the holiday season just around the corner, Christmas tree vendors are popping up in nearly every parking lot. Choosing the perfect Christmas tree is a magical and memorable experience, for children and adults alike. Sadly, once the holiday season is over, Christmas trees are often tossed to the curb. This year, we suggest doing things a little differently.

Here are a few ways to recycle your Christmas tree this holiday season:

Insulate Perennials. To protect your perennials from snow and frost, cut the boughs off your Christmas tree and lay them flat across your plants. Come springtime, your garden will be exploding with colourful, and healthy flowers.

Create Mulch. Mulch is a material added to the surface of soil to conserve moisture, prevent weed growth, and make a garden bed look more attractive. Christmas trees make a fantastic (and glorious-smelling) mulch for gardens and walkways. Use a woodchipper to grind down the tree and next spring, sprinkle the mulch throughout your garden.

Use the Trunk to Edge a Garden. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you can’t give your garden a little style. First, remove all the branches from your tree. Next, cut the truck of the tree into two-inch thick circles. Use the circles to line your garden beds—it’ll protect your flowers and give your garden a unique look.

Community Recycling Programs. Many communities provide its residents with a Christmas tree recycling program. Some programs are even willing to turn the tree into mulch for you.

Provide a Habitat. The easiest way to recycle your tree? Put it outside. Turn your tree into a birdfeeder by adding dried fruit and mesh bags filled with seeds to its boughs. Watch as chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, and sparrows flit about among its branches. You’ll be surprised at how many birds can fit in one tree!

Grow Your Own. Instead of buying a pre-cut Christmas tree, try growing your own. Spruce, cedar, and pine trees can be bought from local nurseries and planted in your own front lawn. You can experience the beauty of a Christmas tree all year long, without having to cut it down. For more questions on which type of evergreen is best suited to your lawn, contact the gardening professionals at Canada’s Gardenland.

This holiday season, make a new family tradition out of recycling your Christmas tree (or growing your own!) You’ll feel great about using all parts of the tree, and make your backyard or front lawn stand out from the rest.

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