Now that spring is in the air, it’s a great time to start planning a new outdoor design project. Adding a deck to your outdoor space can enhance the ambience of your home, creating a beautiful and comfortable new place for your whole family to enjoy the season. Decking is also a smart way to increase your property value and raise curb appeal. Here are some deck design ideas for spring from the team of experienced designers and contractors at Canada’s Gardenland.

Screened-In Deck

Many homeowners opt to build a screened-in deck on the outside of their house to act as an extra sitting room. Screen-in decks are perfect for entertaining and add a charming elegance to your home. The screened-in walls provide you with a wonderful view and create the feeling of being outdoors while keeping your deck protected from the elements.


Pergolas are garden features that form an open archway and can be used as a sitting area on your deck. They add quite an interesting architectural dimension to your exterior. Vines can also be set up to grow along the sides and on top of your pergolas—a stunning visual that also serves to provide shade in the summer.

Stacked Decks

If you have a serious incline from your backyard to your house, a multi-layered deck is a great way to ease an otherwise steep drop. Stacked decks with stairs leading between the two levels add a visually interesting dimension to your home. This unique design choice will make your home stand-out in the neighbourhood.

Decks come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, and what’s right for one homeowner may not be the best choice for another. At Canada’s Gardenland, we work with our clients to design and build decks that best suit their needs and tastes. For more information on our decking and other landscaping services, contact us today at Canada’s Gardenland.