Modern landscaping is all about creating a sleek and refined look through the right combination of plant life, furniture and other aesthetic elements. Modern garden design has its roots in the 1950s and 60s, when bold, geometric lines and shapes were all the rage. Today’s garden landscaping designs often has a softer tone than the gardens of the 50s and 60s, but many contemporary landscaping projects still focus on creating eye-catching contrast. Here is some more information about modern landscaping design from the professional team at Canada’s Gardenland.

Popular Materials

There are a number of materials that are popular in modern landscaping, often placed in contrast to one another to create a dynamic design. The three most common materials used for furniture, steps, fencing and decking are concrete, metal and wood. Concrete can be used to build walkways, pool or pond decking, or sculptural accents in the garden. Most designers opt to leave concrete grey but it can also be stained many different colours. Metal, usually weather-resistant varieties, can be used as to make planters, privacy screens and retaining walls. Wood is a great choice for furniture, decking and fences. When these three materials are used together, they create a lovely and eclectic mix of styles that exemplify modern landscaping.

Plants and Greenery

Amidst all the planning of decking and fencing, some home owners forget the most significant feature of any landscaping project: the garden life. Any design choice should be made with plant life in mind. Modern landscapers can create an interesting design concepts that doesn’t overshadow your garden or jeopardize the well-being of your plant life. A popular modern landscaping design involves the use of a paved planted area with a grid of greenery. By creating a specific garden section, landscapers can avoid creating a backyard space that’s too cluttered. Plants can also be incorporated into landscaping architecture. For instance, vines can be trained to grow up fencing or pergolas to provide shade during the summer.

Modern landscaping, which started to develop in the 1950s and 60s, has evolved into a wide-ranging field that can encompass many different tastes. At Canada’s Gardenland, we offer modern landscaping that is customized to suit your needs and preferences. For more information about our landscaping and other exterior design services such as fencing, decking, and garden fertilization, contact us today at Canada’s Gardenland.