Flagstones have been used in indoor and outdoor landscaping all over the world for a very long time.

What Are Flagstones?

Flagstones are a type of stone that occurs naturally, which come in many different colours.  They are also thin and mostly flat, but can come in big, wide swaths, which is why they get their name from flags.  The most common types of flagstones are made from sedimentary rock, meaning a kind of rock that has been made out of layers and layers of minerals compacted over time.  They can also be manufactured by reclaiming granite or slate, to even human-made slabs of concrete made to realistically resemble flagstone.

How Can I Use Them?

Flagstone can be used for many things in outdoor landscaping, from an outdoor patio to a walkway, to a driveway for your car.  Often times, natural stone will make a more assorted, puzzle piece look to a walkway or a patio, while manufactured flagstones tend to be more uniform to each other, making wide, smooth squares to lay into your yard.  Whether you go natural or manufactured, you can also easily co-ordinate the colours of various flagstones with the colours already present in your yard, garden, or home.

How Are They Installed?

If you want flagstones installed in your yard or driveway, first the earth is excavated for about 15 centimetres down, depending on the thickness of the stone.  Then, the landscapers will put in a base of crushed stone or sand, depending on whether or not the earth underneath is perpetually wet or dry.   Then the process involves laying the flagstones into a layer of concrete in the earth with a layer of plastic to make sure the concrete does not seep into your yard.  By the end, you will have a beautifully composed, smooth patio or walkway to accent your home and your yard.

If your backyard needs that little extra something to bring it from rustic to comfortable, have your flagstones installed from Canada’s Gardenland and have the exterior of you home looking as beautiful and welcoming as the inside of your home.