Growing fruits and vegetables in your garden is a wonderful way to live a healthy and organic lifestyle. It’s also a great way to save on groceries because of the increasing costs of regular and organic food.

It’s easier than you think. Don’t worry, there’s no need to shop around for seeds. You know those old food scraps you throw away (or hopefully compost)? So many of those leftovers can actually be used to grow fresh food.

You’d be surprised at how easy these foods are to grow yourself:

Onions. Instead of throwing away the onion root…

  1. Cut it off and leave about half an inch of onion
  2. Plant it in loose soil and place the pot in a sunny area

For green onions:

  1. Put the entire base and roots in a container of water
  2. Place the container in direct sunlight
  3. Change the water every other day

Peppers. It’s all in the seeds. These grow relatively quickly and are very low-maintenance!

  1. Collect the seeds from the pepper you are using
  2. Plant them in soil either in a pot during the winter, or in your garden in the summer
  3. Place in direct sunlight

Garlic. All you need is one clove!

  1. In potting soil plant one clove of garlic root-first with the tip facing upwards
  2. Place it in direct sunlight, or outside on a warm day
  3. Water at least once a week if it hasn’t rained

Basil. This adds greenery and a fresh scent to any garden!

  1. Using 3-4 inches of stem, place it in a glass of water, ensuring the leaves are not touching the water line
  2. Place the glass in a sunny room (avoid direct sunlight)
  3. Wait until the roots grow two inches or so
  4. Transplant your new basil roots in soil

Lemon. Bring colour and life to your garden with small lemon trees!

  1. Collect the lemon seeds
  2. Clean and dry them
  3. Plant them in rich and nutritious soil

Your lemons will only grow after two years or so, but the results are worth the wait!

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