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Canada’s Gardenland is here to help make your home look its best with our professional gardening services. Our experienced gardeners know which plants and flowers will grow the healthiest in the amount of sunlight available on your garden. We can provide you with the best soil, the widest diversity of plants, and the absolute best expert advice on what to plant and where. Contact us today for a look at your garden setup and top quality suggestions on how to put together the garden of your dreams.

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What to Plant?

We know what will grow the best and the longest in your garden. Certain flowers and plants can be put snugly in your soil and, with proper care, will hibernate and bloom in a cycle with the seasons for years to come. Perennial plants are hardier and more substantial plants than seasonal plants. However, you get some of the most beautiful, delicate blooms and flowers with seasonal plants. Seasonal plants can be that touch that brings your garden from standard to outstanding.

With our wide variety of plants to choose from, your garden can go far beyond just the standard flowers. Depending on the look and theme you want for your garden, your garden can be anywhere from a mix of colours and levels, to an elegant, stylish unified colour scheme.

Where to Plant It?

Whether you have a place already in mind for your garden or you want to plant in a new space on your property altogether, we can help you use the space and location to the best of its ability to keep your garden bright and healthy for as long as it exists. Taking into account what direction the garden faces (north, south, east, or west), in addition to how water runoff and topsoil saturation affect the earth your garden is planted in, we can help you make the most of your garden no matter where it sits.

We know what makes a beautiful garden, and we know what makes a healthy garden. We can have your home and garden looking wonderful, welcoming and bright in no time!

Our professional team can help you mold your vision
and take care of all the details.

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We understand that each property and client taste is different so we work diligently with you and your surroundings to tailor the best approach for meeting those needs.