Is your lawn looking a little dry from the summer heat? Chances are, it is. Even if you’re managed to maintain a lush green lawn this summer, with the cold winter coming, there are measures need to be taken so your lawn will remain resilient throughout the winter. Here’s a step by step guide to help you keep you maintain your lawn and get it ready for the cold weather seasons.

Fertilize your turf

If you have damaged areas on the turf, it will recover much faster with two applications of fertilizer in the fall. The first one should be made between mid-august and mid-September – and if you haven’t done it yet, get on it as soon as possible! The second application can be completed at the end of October or in early November before snowfall. The nitrogen and potash encourage turf growth and repair but they also harden the turf for the winter.

Control thatch

Thatch is those pesky bits of dry and dead grass that surface above the soil in a cylindrical form. They must be removed because they hurt your grass due to being full of organisms that can cause fungal diseases. The common rule is: the more thatch, the more your lawn is at risk in the winter. You can take care of thatch one of two ways:

  • Core aeration – which ‘unplugs’ your grass and brings up the soil
  • De-thatching or verti-cutting – using a machine to cut into the thatch vertically to bring up the debris which can be raked out

Pay attention to lawn height

Keep your grass a little taller than usual to prepare it for the winter. This will provide some insulation for the growing point of your grass. Just make sure not to keep it too long or it will become matted which makes your lawn prone to disease.

Remove dead trees

Got a tree you’ve been meaning to dispose of? The time to do it is now! Failure to remove trees can let the grass die, as it will get next to no light to be able to grow.

If you need some assistance with any of these maintenance tasks, our team of professionals will be more than happy to help you out. Get in touch with us with your inquiries and we’ll make sure to meet your needs before the first snowfall comes!