Few things can make your house look better or add more overall value to your property than great landscaping. When done right, it can turn your home into a beautiful work of art. The aesthetic beauty in a choreographed theme coming to life around your property is worth the price alone, but when you find out how landscaping can add value to your property, you will understand why green industry has taken off in popularity across the Greater Toronto Area.

It increases curb appeal

One term that gets thrown around quite a bit in the real estate industry is curb appeal. It is an attempt to quantify how appealing it looks to people just taking a quick look from outside. When people drive up, they will see an impressive landscaping design. It might even take their eyes off of the home completely! It can make your house look very lavish, luxurious, and valuable at first glance. Studies have shown that it can increase a home’s value by 6%-7%.

It doesn’t go out of style

Interior or exterior upgrades to your home are a far more costly way of increasing the worth of your house. Not only that, but they are in danger of going out of style. Ever walk into a home from the 70s or 80s and wonder how people could have ever liked living in a place that looked like that? With landscaping, you won’t have to redo it every decade to keep it in style, and your selling point for the home if you do ever choose to leave can be that it won’t require any remodelling outside.

It can save energy

Did you know that just two or three properly placed trees can help you save money on your energy bills? Natural shade during the summer is one of the best ways to cool down a house. The best part is that it is free and you don’t have to worry about any appliances or pollution. Having a home with lots of shady trees will go a long way.

Here at Canada’s Gardenland, we are in business to help make your home look beautiful by providing beautiful landscaping ideas and craftwork. Not only can our helping hands make your home look gorgeous, sophisticated and lavish, our landscaping can add value to your property. Contact us today to find out more!