Have you ever driven by a home that is surrounded by beautiful arrangements of flowers and plants, a lush lawn, and beautiful stone textures? Using interlocking stone for your patio, walkway or driveway is a great way to frame your garden arrangements and have it all come together.

The Benefits of Interlocking Stone: Durability

Aside from its aesthetic quality, interlocking stone is a long-term and cost-effective solution. Concrete on its own, while long-lasting, does unfortunately expand and contract due to weather and erosion – especially in the colder climate we have in Canada.

Interlocking stone has joints or polymeric sand between the pavers that really adapt to the expansion and contraction of the concrete. This helps to lock the pavers together. Say goodbye to weathered cracks, chips and breaks that can hinder your initial investment.

With interlocking stone you are able to count on a material that can really withstand these changes in temperatures and maintain its durability.

Did you know that its strength will also increase over time? The structural capacity only increases as the driveway ages – since the pavers use a layer of sand and no mortar to lay the stone, it sets a solid foundation. It is also very easy to repair should the driveway get damaged.


Leave your home knowing that you are walking on a slip-resistant surface! Canadians each year face a range of weather conditions from blizzards to freezing rain.

This can present a slick day out on the roads making it a daunting experience to leave your home. With interlocking stone on your property, you can trust that when you walk down your driveway you will reduce the danger of hurting yourself. This is a great choice especially if you have vulnerable dependents like children or elderly family members.

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