Landscaping Advantages of Interlocking Stone over Concrete

If you’re planning a home landscaping project then you might automatically lean towards using concrete for new or reconstructed patios, driveways, walkways, etc. However, there is an alternative option that is a much better choice for a variety of reasons and that is interlocking stone.

Here are some very good reasons that you should consider using interlocking stone for your upcoming home landscaping projects.

More Durable

Concrete has a tendency to expand and contract to a much greater degree than stone and this is especially true in more northern climates where temperature extremes are greater. As freezing and thawing occurs, concrete will crack, chip, and break. However, interlocking stone is much better for landscaping projects because it will flex and give much more under climate changes thereby holding its form without cracking.

Also, interlocking stone is much stronger than concrete. The average stone used in interlocking landscaping projects can withstand 8,000 lbs psi (per square inch) of pressure which is an amount three times greater than what concrete can withstand.

Easier Maintenance

Interlocking stones are much easier to maintain than concrete. Concrete is more porous than stone and therefore stains easier and is more difficult to clean due to the staining material seeping into it. Many spills on stone can be simply removed with a water hose and broom. Tougher stains may need to be cleaned using cleaning solutions and a pressure washer.

Interlocking stones are also more easily replaced. Should one or more stones used in landscaping become too stained to be cleaned (such as with oil) or are damaged, they can be individually replaced. Replacement of damaged areas cannot be easily accomplished with concrete slabs.

Better Drainage

Stones used for paving provide much better drainage than mere concrete. Flat concrete slabs often contain indentions which hold pooled water. However, Interlocking stones contain mortared joints between them which better allows water to flow off of the surface.

Better Appearance

Interlocking stone provides a much nicer appearance than dull, grey concrete. Stones for landscaping projects come in a variety of finishes, styles and colors providing you with a varied selection of options that are beautiful, functional and long lasting.

Better Value

Although concrete may be cheaper to apply initially, it is also of cheaper quality and will have to be replaced long before an interlocking stone surface. The saved time and additional expense of replacement coupled with easier maintenance and better drainage makes interlocking stone a much better value in the long term.

On top of its long term value, interlocking stone also adds more style and curb appeal to your home which increases its overall value.

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