If your family is expecting a baby, it’s important to make sure that your home is prepared for the exciting new addition. If left disorganized and unplanned, the outdoor spaces of your home can be filled with safety hazards for your little ones. Here are just a few of the ways that you can make your backyard or front lawn more kid-friendly this summer.

Redesign Your Deck

A backyard deck can be a great space for kids to hang out and play. If you have a baby on the way, you may want to consider expanding your deck to accommodate all the new outdoor play toys and equipment you may have acquired. You may also want to add guardrails around the perimeter of your deck, as well as a ramp or a handrail if your deck has stairs, to prevent your little ones from getting into any accidents.

Keep Your Garden Safe

Allowing children to play in the garden is a great way to help them foster an appreciation of nature. Prepare your garden for your baby by planting durable hardy plants that are not easily damaged. Clear any tree stumps or prickly plants to create an environment for your baby to play as they begin to crawl and become curious.

The Importance of Fencing

Now that a child is joining your family, it’s especially important to keep your backyard protected with solid fencing. A strong fence will make sure that all of your child’s future outdoor toys such as bikes and sports equipment stay protected within your property. This will also allow older children to play in the backyard safely without supervision.

If you’re preparing to have a child, it’s important to make sure you home is fully safe and kid-friendly – and this includes your front and backyard! For help in redesigning your landscaping, decking or fencing, contact us at Canada’s Gardenland for expert landscaping and design advice and services.