Winter is on its way, which means you still have a few weeks to prepare your lawn for the chilly weather to come. As landscaping professionals, we know what it takes to get your lawn ready for snow, sleet, and sub-zero temperatures. Here are few tips to help you put your lawn to bed for winter:

Clean Your Lawn

A thin layer of leaves can be healthy for your lawn—providing nutrients and a natural fertilizer for your grass. If you can’t see the grass through the leaves, your leaf layer is likely too thick. To avoid suffocating your grass, rake up all of your dead leaves.

Keep Mowing

During the fall, you should mow your lawn every 10 or so days. It will keep the leaves from suffocating your lawn and reduce the risk of fungus growth once snow hits the ground.


To ensure your lawn stays healthy and lush next season, sprinkle a healthy amount of eco-friendly fertilizer across your grass.


This process allows important nutrients, air, and water to access the roots of your grass. By aerating your lawn before winter, you are ensuring healthy, lush grass growth in the spring. Aeration tools can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Store Delicate Bulbs

Not all bulbs will survive the winter’s frost. Sensitive bulbs like dahlias, gladiolas, begonias, and caladium, should be dug up and stored inside in peat moss over the winter.

Clean Up Flower Beds

If your flower bed is a mess now, it won’t look any better in the spring. Before you tuck your garden in for the winter, pull all of the weeds, removing any dead or dried plants, and add a healthy layer of compost to encourage growth in the future.

Beware of Mosquitoes

You may have forgotten about these pesky creatures. Thinking ahead about how you can reduce mosquitoes on your property will ensure many relaxing, buzz-free nights on the patio next spring. Make sure there are no stagnant water sources on your property, and dump out birdbaths.

Tucking your lawn away for the winter must be done properly to ensure a healthy, lush lawn in the spring. With proper maintenance, care, and attention to detail, your lawn and garden will erupt with stunning colours in the spring.

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