A deck is a place where special memories are made. It’s a place for dinner parties, barbeques, and relaxing family time. With winter approaching fast, it’s important to ensure your deck is healthy and ready to withstand the cold weather.

Here are a few signs that your deck might be in need of a little TLC:

Wood Rot

The most likely cause for rotting wood is rain water. Over time, it causes your deck to wear down and decay.

With a screwdriver or long metal object, prod around the posts closest to the ground. Check for soft wood or any signs of disintegration. If you find small circles of rot, you can carve them out with a chisel, and treat them with a preservative to stop the rot from spreading. If you are finding entire boards with infection, you may want to consider rebuilding your deck.


Cracks in your deck boards are a nuisance, and they can do some serious damage. If left unfixed, cracks in your boards can worsen over time. To fix the problem, simply replace the cracked board with a fresh one.

Loose Railings

If you have young children, it’s important to ensure the railings on your deck are in good shape. Loose poles and handrails can be fixed by securing them with stainless steel screws.

Bubbling Sealant

Sealant is a solution applied to your deck to make it waterproof and resistant to the elements, making the surface smooth and shiny. If you notice bubbles in the sealant, it likely means your deck needs to be stripped and resealed.

Loose Connectors

These structures, which connect your deck to your house, can disintegrate over time. Rusty or loose fasteners, like nails, screws, and anchors should be replaced immediately.

Uneven Stain

This is more of an aesthetic issue, but it can still prompt you to fix up your deck. If you tried to stain your deck yourself, and are noticing some parts are darker than others, call a professional to fix it for you.


A termite infestation can ruin your deck. These critters build their colonies in wooden structures, and eat constantly. Signs of a termite infestation in your deck can include small tunnels in the wood, piles of termite poop, and cracks in your deck boards.

To avoid these pesky insects, cover your deck with a sealant, paint it, and surround it with cedar mulch.

If you suspect your deck of having damage, or think you may need professional help or repairs, the experts at Canada’s Gardenland can help.

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