Proper Sod Fertilization Is Key to Plush, Green Lawns

A plush, green lawn is vital to any home landscaping project. All the beauty of special shrubs, plants, walls, decks, etc that are thoughtfully and strategically placed around your home are severely detracted from if they are surrounded by a scraggly lawn that is full of weeds and barren spots. However, if those same landscaping objects float in a sea of vibrant, green grass then the entire area looks magical.

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The answer to such a dream lawn is proper sod fertilization. Regular fertilization serves several key purposes. First of all, sod fertilization provides vital nutrients to growing grass that keeps it strong and healthy. It also serves to control pesky weeds that tend to weasel their way into lawns where fertilization is withheld. Sod fertilization also prevents diseases that are harmful to healthy grass from taking hold.

In order for lawns to be healthy and add beauty to your landscaping projects, they must receive a certain amount of certain elements. Healthy grass requires regular doses of lime, potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

You should have your lawn tested to see how depleted such nutrients are. If they are very low then extra sod fertilization may be required to give your lawn a boost. Then, once a proper balance is achieved, your lawn should be fertilized to replace these nutrients approximately every six weeks during warmer months. Those living in colder climates may only need to have their lawns fertilized once in the spring and again in late summer.

Another vital component to beautiful lawns within your landscaping is regular watering. This is particularly true of lawns that receive sod fertilization since water is what breaks down the nutrients so that they can be absorbed into the root system. Also, these elements can burn grass if left lying on it in their full strength. Therefore, it is recommended to water lawns soon after fertilization.

To begin building your plush, green dream lawn, contact Canada’s Gardenland. Our lawn specialists will test and analyze your soil and grass to see what it lacks. Some areas may best be served by having sod replacements that bring in healthy grass already established in good soil. Sod rolls can be quickly laid and then have fertilizer applied.

Other lawns may simply need sod fertilization. Our specialists can come at required times to apply regular treatments to your lawn making it stronger and healthier as well as eliminating those pesky and unsightly weeds. Contact Canada’s Gardenland today!

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