Nothing ruins the look and feel of a garden like a dry spring or summer. Even a few weeks without significant rainfall can dry and wilt the plants in your garden. Luckily, with the right preparation and maintenance, you can ensure a lush, green garden no matter the weather. Here are a few tips and tricks for growing a drought-resistant garden from the landscaping professionals at Canada’s Gardenland.

Choose Native Plants

The term “native plants” doesn’t refer to whatever weeds and shrubs were growing in your garden before you got there. Native plants refers to the plant life that is specific to the temperature, climate and season conditions of your local area. When settlers came over from Europe, they introduced many new plant species to North America that weren’t intended to grow here. Native plants that have grown naturally in Canada for centuries are better at handling the country’s weather patterns, including times of drought. For a hardy garden that can outlast any drought, plant native species of plants and flowers in your garden.

Drought-Resistant Plants

Drought-resistant plants are plant species that have the natural ability to survive in hot and dry conditions. Some drought-resistant plants even thrive in arid temperatures. Drought-resistant plants may not be native to your area, but many of them are durable and versatile enough to adapt to any number of environments. Wild lupine, wild strawberry, lavender and red elderberry are all examples of drought-resistant plants an shrubbery.

The key to growing a drought-resistant garden is to be fully aware of the strengths and weakness of everything you plant before you start planting. At Canada’s Gardenland, our team of professional landscapers will work with you to design a garden plan that is visually stunning as well as practical and ecologically responsible.

Don’t let a dry season prevent your garden from growing to its full potential. Get the professional gardening assistance you need to grow a lush and green garden with the specialists at Canada’s Gardenland. For more information about our gardening and landscaping services and to book a consultation with one of our team members, contact us today.