It’s out with the traditional—and in with the original!

This coming year is all about exciting landscapes and keeping your lawn and garden fresh and organic with the lowest possible maintenance. Forget the prim and perfect look. It’s time to greet the New Year with the spontaneity of nature.

Wild and Inventive

If you have the yard space, don’t hold back! There are tons of original ways to liven up your exterior. An even green lawn is tame compared to the array of choices available. Welcome the tousled look of vines; make space for a meadow surrounded by natural rocks and stones; line up flower beds, shrubs, and berry bushes; blend mosses with flowers that grow closely to the ground. And there’s more where that came from!


Some people just aren’t ready to give up their flawless green lawns, but the fact is they require a tremendous amount of maintenance and water to thrive. We’re in a period where water conservation is important for both the environment and our finances. To reduce excessive water consumption, there are eco-friendly options, such as new eco grasses or clover blends that require much less water and upkeep.

You can also help reduce carbon emissions by installing a sandstone or flagstone path, as well as composting your earth. But before making any final decisions, research specific landscape and garden ideas that suits your climate. If you’re unsure of which plants and flowers will flourish in your region, we encourage you to consult our experts.

Fresh & Organic

You’ve surely heard this before: Grow your own food! Grocery stores sell organic produce for much more than regular food. Think of how much money you’ll save by growing your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard. Plus, it’s guaranteed to be clean and free of pesticides or additives. There’s no losing when it comes to healthy choices and lower costs.

De-clutter & Simplify

You may have broken pots, plants that give you trouble, or unkempt bushes that you just don’t have the time to trim. Make your new 2017 resolution to get rid of anything that requires too much of your time and energy, and that doesn’t satisfy you. Think of your yard as your sanctuary: it should be as peaceful as pleasant as possible! Remove clutter and keep your environment modest and easy to maintain. It might just be the load-off that you need.

Let it Grow
You may find yourself cutting down wild vines and “unwanted” plants every year. But look at this as nature’s gift to your garden. Let the vines grow freely and plant flowers near the shrubs that insist on invading your fence. Perhaps it’s easier to just go with it and keep it tame rather than chop everything down.  A more natural landscape is a more organic one.

We can help make the most out of your yard space! To consult our experts for flagstone installation or landscape assistance, contact us now.