Your furry friend is part of the family. They’re there for you when you need them most and make you laugh every time you step through the door—except when they’ve destroyed your yard. Your pets love to roam around in your garden during the warm summer months, but they somehow don’t understand your preferred code of conduct.

Creating a pet-friendly yard cultivates a space that the whole family will love and minimizes the chance of it being destroyed by your beloved pets.

Gentle Hardscape

Introduce some hardscaping into your yard as a low-maintenance alternative to grass. Hardscaping is defined as solid objects that are still easily moved in the yard. Common examples include gravel, paving, and stone. Contrastingly, softscaping is defined as plants that are constantly growing and evolving. Ideally, a yard has a balance of hardscaping and softscaping elements.

By introducing some hardscaping into your yard, you minimize the amount of cleanup required after your pet decides it’s time to dig for treasure. Additionally, you won’t suffer from bleached patches on your lawn caused by the combination of sun and animal urine. Flagstone is an ideal material commonly used for walkways and patios within the garden. It comes in a variety of earthy shades and provides a durable surface that is slip resistant.

Sensible Fencing

Not all pets can be trusted to stay within the confines of their backyard without a fence. Sometimes there are alluring squirrels to chase or a feast they can’t resist in the neighbour’s yard. By installing a fence, you give yourself peace of mind by not constantly having to watch your pets as they enjoy their time outdoors.

Three feet in length is usually high enough to prevent most canines from leaving their yard. That being said, a canine’s ability to jump is largely dependent on the individual characteristics and breed.  If your furry friend is a digger, you may also want to consider installing an underground barrier made from rebar, chicken wire, or concrete. Speak with a fencing expert to discover the best option for your space.

Install Paths

Does your pet run through your garden beds and make your lawn their personal racetrack? Consider installing hardscape paths. These provide your pet with a distinct area to run around in and discourages them from taking advantage of your precious flowers and plants. If you aren’t ready to commit to a hardscaped path, consider installing gravel or wood chips. These materials are difficult for pets to disturb and will also absorb the excess mud and dirt on their feet.

Protect Your Fruits and Vegetables

Surprisingly, some furry friends have an appetite for fruits and veggies. Protect your produce by investing in some raised beds. Take extra precautions by purchasing some nets. Even if your pets aren’t the culprits behind the sudden disappearance of your fruits and vegetables, chances are there’s some other critter looking for an afternoon snack.

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