Is there one lawn in your neighbourhood notorious for having lush, green, and perfect-looking grass? Chances are, it’s sod. All homeowners want their properties to look this beautiful. From the landscaping experts at Canada’s Gardenland, here’s everything you need to know about sod:

What Is it?

Sod, also known as “turf,” is a section of grass held together by a root system or layer of biodegradable material. Sod is typically used on golf courses, in sport stadiums, and on lawns of homes and businesses. Rolled out in sections, the sod appears like a ready-made lawn, and is often bright green in colour. This product is revered for its colour, durability, and uniform look.

What Is Sod Used for?

  • Sod is used to efficiently establish a lawn in areas where it may be difficult to grow seeds.
  • Sod can successfully prevent erosion on hillsides or construction sites.
  • In particularly wet or flooded areas, sod acts like a sponge, absorbing excess water and diverting it into the ground.
  • In some countries, like Scandinavia, sod is used as a roofing material.

How Is Sod Grown, Harvested, and Distributed?

There are thousands of greenhouses across North America that grow and harvest sod. It takes anywhere between one and 18 months from seedling to full sod, which can be harvested as either a squared slab, rolled rectangle, or in four-foot-wide sections for larger projects. To avoid damaging the product, and to reduce costs, most sod is grown and harvested near where it is sold.

What Are the Benefits of Sod?

Good looks aren’t the only advantage of sod. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from this fantastic material:

  • Sod can add significant value to your home and property. In fact, a professionally landscaped yard can increase property value by up to 20%.
  • As long as the ground is thawed, sod can be installed anytime. You’re not limited to revamping your lawn in the summer.
  • Sod is anywhere from 10 to 14 degrees cooler than concrete, and helps contribute to cooling down the surface of the earth.
  • Do you live in a loud neighbourhood? Sod can reduce sound in your area by between eight and 10 decibels.
  • Much like an air filtration system, sod traps dust and other particles, improving the conditions of the air we breathe.
  • Did you know that garbage is less likely to be thrown onto a clean surface? With sod, your lawn will look pristine, discouraging litter and garbage.

At Canada’s Gardenland, we provide top-quality sod services for all of your landscaping projects. What’s more, our specialists can come at required times to apply regular treatments to your lawn, making it stronger, healthier, and eliminating pesky and unsightly weeds. To learn more about our sod services, get in touch with us today!